Hello!  Would you like a jelly baby?

I’ve blogged for many years in various places on the web, but I wanted to set up a nice, smart, centralised site for my writing about Doctor Who and occasionally about other British telefantasy, with a view to establishing a clearer online identity for myself as I move into professional writing.

By “British telefantasy” I mean a group of mostly science fiction/fantasy-ish British television series that did not always share the same generic tropes, but which did often share the same actors and production personnel alongside a common ethos.  This ethos is a rather British ironic wit, a slight pessimism of outlook and a scepticism of authority.  They also often had a tendency towards slightly surreal juxtapositions to cover budgetary shortcomings where there would be big budget spectacle in a US series like Star Trek.  These factors tend to contrast with American screen science fiction.  Examples include Doctor WhoThe Avengers (the British, John Steed and Emma Peel Avengers), The PrisonerBlake’s 7Sapphire and Steel and Quatermass.

I will post reviews (both brief and in depth), more discursive analytical articles and occasional observations.  I may occasionally write about other science fiction series, if I feel I have something to say that may be of interest to readers here.